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    I wrote in my book, Your book includes the story of Abelard, a Catholic monk and scholar, who literally lost his manhood because of impregnating Heloise, a 17-year-old girl, who was half his age and the niece of a powerful church bishop. They were screaming and shouting and seemed to be in shock.

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    Perky talk show host Rachael Ray made disparaging racial remarks about the woman who gave Ray her big shot at daytime TV -- none other than Oprah Winfrey, according to TMZ sources.It's a shocking account of a dinner that occurred during the period that the show was being sold. Ray was at the Century City Shopping Mall in Los Angeles for a book signing.When I met Holmes in the lobby of the Bowery in New York, I mentioned that my t-shirt had become a soft, well-washed favorite for me to sleep in. ) but at its heart, OBSERVER: So what did you learn from The Pete Holmes Show? I think the main thing I picked up was how to manage an office because comedians are good at comedy—hopefully—and then they get TV shows and then they have to quickly, on their feet, learn a lot of business administration, which you wouldn’t think. I would call my friends of mine who are businessmen and be like, “What do you do? And then I actually just got engaged, and that was strangely sealing. We got engaged on a hot air balloon, which means there was a man I didn’t know standing six inches from my face. ” And they use all these terms about “You need to check in.” “You need to give incentive.” “You need to reward them.” “You need to withhold reward,” or whatever it was.

    So, speaking of having comedians and people play themselves on the show when you wrote it, did you know specifically, like “Oh, I’ll definitely get T. TJ is actually one of the few examples of people that really did come and visit me and help me right when my actual wife left. You want to slowly work your way into comedy and that’s what I did.

    And yet, there is something infinitely endearing about seeing Pete Holmes on screen as he lopes through misfortunate after misfortunate like a Labrador retriever. That would be double ironic.” Everything Pete Holmes says is delightful. He is the human personification of a balloon, of a professional sports mascot, of the aforementioned Labrador retriever. If therapists could, as an exercise, have people that had something bad happen to them write a story from the other person’s perspective, to empathize with them. I really tried very hard, and I think succeeded in making Lauren Lapkus, my wife’s character on the show, very sympathetic and actually somebody you’re completely understanding of. It’s not because she hates Peter because he’s an alcoholic or hits her or something horrible like that. In fact, if you print anything—I don’t know if you’ve watched the show but maybe the most useful thing I can offer is, keep a note in your phone for your girlfriend. [laughs] Ring size, birthday—in case you ever flip out and, I don’t forget her birthday, but at the beginning, you might forget—and then gift ideas.

    I was one of the few, loyal fans of the dearly departed on TBS, in which a stand-up style monologue unrelated to current events was followed by sketches and celebrity interviews, usually with other comedians. Upon meeting him, it’s immediately obvious why his initial career plan was “youth pastor” (a former ambition shared by “Pete Holmes” in ). Sure now Holmes proselytizes about smoking weed and how silly the name “Lenny Kravitz” is when you think about it (the coolest man in the world is named LEONARD KRAVITZ! She’s not the right fit, so we try to make her very understandable. When we started dating, she mentioned she always wanted to go on a hot air balloon, and I was like, “Oh, that’s how I’ll propose at some point.” You said that, out loud?

    We're told Ray became "extremely loud and aggressive," and began dissing Oprah.

    Sources say she told the group about a portrait of Oprah that sits in the lobby of Harpo Productions in Chicago.

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